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Why Dosen't Allah Shows Himself In Islam (Why We Can't See Allah)

Are you looking for the answer of the question of Why Allah I mean Our God does not show himself in Islam? Don't worry I'm writing about it just keep reading.

It's a simple question why we can't see Allah even though we are worshiping him so closely and he also seeing us closely.

The reason why we cannot see ALLAH is as this is the test for us, to obey and believe in Allah without seeing him but only seeing his signs, as then it takes responsibility to do both, but if Allah showed himself then faith for everyone will be automatic so there will be no point of free-will and life being a test.

So the bottom line is Allah subhanahu Tala in  Islam is it true. If Allah shows himself then you will be not able to leave him. Beacouse he is so powerful.

Why we don't see Allah
Let me give you a example, You will find in the Quran in Sura "taha" Musa alaihi wasallam says, "ya allah I want to see you" Allah says I show my glims to the mountain. Look at the m…

JDC Routine 2019 (Junior Dakhil Certificate Exam) PDF Download

Are you examiner of junior dakhil certificate 2019? And, you are waiting for JDC routine 2019? If yes! Don't worry, here you will find all of information about JDC examination and routine. So read the article at the end, you will know everything about it.

JDC examination is important for all students of Bangladesh madrasha education board. Students want to get good result on their upcoming examination, they want to prepare for exam. So they are looking for junior dakhil certificate routine.

jdc exam routine 2019 download
Routine is also very important thing for all of candidates. After seeing routine they will keep study by schedule. It's a positive side for all examiner. After getting the routine, the students' interest will be increase to the examination.

Every year JDC routine is published in August or July. This year is no exception. This year the JDC routine was published on the 21st of July. The PDF file was first published by the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board a…

Bangla Eid SMS 2019 (Eid Ul Adha New Collection)

If you are looking for Bangla eid sms 2019 then you have come to the right website. You can collect Eid SMS Bangla from our website and share it with your friends. They will be very happy after receiving eid sms in bangla font. We have research in online about this query at last we create a large collection of Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS for you.

We know that Eid is the biggest religious event for All Muslims in the world. Every year we get two big religious ceremonies, one is Eid ul Adha and the other is Eid ul Fitr. Eid ul Fitr is fast Eid for Muslims and second one Eid al-adha is knocking at the door.

After the long fasting of a month, the day of our joy is known as Eid ul Fitr. We celebrate Eid ul fitr with lot of joy and wish our neighbors, friend by sending eid ul fitr sms in bangla.

Eid ul Azha is another Islamic festival for Muslims. On that day, we sacrifice animals to obey Almighty Allah's command then distribute it to villagers and relatives. It's a funny day for us. We …

Eid Mubarak Wallpaper 2019: Eid UL Adha & Fitr Live (HD) Download

Eid Mubarak is the biggest festival in Muslims life. On Eid day we invite our special person by sending Eid Mubarak wallpaper 2019 to them. That's why we need to new collection of Eid Mubarak wallpaper in HD quality. Here is will find out more about this.

I know that you are looking for best Eid Mubarak wallpaper and Eid Mubarak GIF 2019. If you are so, then you have came on right webpage. From this webpage you can download HD wallpapers for upcoming events. I mean Eid UL Fitr. So don't worry about your query. Just scroll down slowly and read article at the end.

Wishing friends is the best way to invite for Eid. When you think for wishes then you have need content for send him/her. I have searched on the web and collected best photos and wallpaper for providing to you. So that you will invite easily. Check out the wallpapers from below and download on by on from here. Enjoy your day!

Ramadan Kareem is the holy month of all Muslims. We are fasting in Ramadan. After fasting one …